WordPress vs Wix- Which one is better for Site Building?

WordPress vs Wix

Are you thinking to create a new website? Wondering which platform is better for site-building? WordPress Vs Wix.

We’ll guide you through this article. We think you’ve heard about many popular blogging platforms like Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and so on. All of them are similar at some point but also different at some point.

But which one is the best? This question depends on you and what is important for your website.

In this article, we are going to compare two popular site building platform. Wix and WordPress. So that you can pick which one is better for you.

In this comparison, we will get to know

  1. WordPress vs Wix for the blog.
  2. Why use WordPress over Wix?
  3. What unique benefit does Wix offer?
  4. How much do Wix and WordPress cost to use?
  5. Pros and cons of Wix Vs WordPress.
  6. How to get a free Wix Domain?
  7. Is Wix SEO friendly?
  8. Which is an easier platform- Wix or WordPress ??
  9. Which is the better solution and why?

WordPress Vs Wix for Blog

WordPress is a content management system and is a self-hosted version of WordPress from WordPress.org.Wix is a platform for site. In short, a full- service site builder where a beginner can built a site easily.
When we built a website you need to think for future expansion. When we used WordPress we can easily expand the features of our website.In the case of Wix, When we build a website we need to add all the features at the time of building because no any features can be added in future.
WordPress is compatible with different page builders, plugin and multiple themes are available to enhance the feature of your website.Wix doesn’t comes with any page builder, plugins and any themes but you can built a perfect website with it only.
You can set up WordPress without any knowledge of code. No any knowledge of code is required to set up Wix.
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Why WordPress?

As we know, WordPress is a content management system and it is developed for blogging, online stores, website building and many more. WordPress comes with outstanding features that are going to help you to build an awesome website.

WordPress comes with free themes, free plugin, page builder and many more. Theme is a bundle of stylesheet or template that decides the look, appearance and display of our website where different plugins can be added. This will ready increase the features and performance of any website.

And yes SEO friendliness, responsiveness, translation-ready, and RTL ready are some other interesting features of WordPress.

Why Wix?

WordPress Vs Wix

Now, talking about Wix. Wix is a software that allows you to create your own high-quality websites. You can create an online business or showcase your product or for blogging. And can easily create websites easily. The user doesn’t need to have knowledge of code to do it just need to drag & drop.

But Wix doesn’t comes with themes or any advanced plugin as WordPress.

The main difference WordPress and Wix is, WordPress is self-hosted but Wix is hosted. And another thing is customization, the look, and feel of your website are in Wix’s hand.

Benefit that Wix Offer

  • You can build a website freely without any cost with Wix.com. All the features in the Wix are free to use.
  • The website can be easily created with any knowledge of code or any technical skill. You just need to drag & drop.
  • You get a free domain name and it is SEO-optimized, secure, and has reliable hosting service.
  • Artificial design intelligence & code of Wix are just professional.
  • SEO Optimized website, Wix is SEO friendly website like WordPress.
  • Wix is specially designed for the eCommerce website.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • And comes with full support.

How much Wix and WordPress Cost to use???

Actually both are free to use but when you need to add more features or premium features in WordPress you need to buy it but in case of Wix. It is totally free to use.

Pro of Wix

  • Free to use
  • SEO friendly
  • Mobile optimized
  • No need to have knowledge of code or any technical skills
  • Easy to use just need to drag & drop
  • Supportive
  • Best platform for online stores.

Pros of WordPress

  • Free to use
  • Comes with themes, plugins, and many advanced page builders
  • No need to have knowledge of codes for simple use.
  • Easy to use, Just need to follow some simple steps
  • Best for every type of business, blogging, and so on.
  • SEO friendly, Responsive in nature. The look and feel of a WordPress powered website are in your hand as it is fully customizable.

Cons of Wix

  • Doesn’t comes with unlimited plans.
  • Drag and Drop will not allow you to show your full creativity.
  • Ads on your site are seen at the starter plan.
  • No additional SEO plugin are available, this may limit our content optimization.

Cons of WordPress

  • Need to buy themes for premium features.
  • If you are not Well known to SEO, then WordPress can create problem for your website.
  • Sometime we need to have knowledge of coding or need to have technical skills at the time of customization
  • In some place security may be problem as it is open source platform.

How to get a free Wix Domain???

A domain name is a strong indicator of what any site is about. So make sure it contains relevant keywords that describe your brand and business. While talking about the Wix domain name, you should take care of a few things.

Make sure you keep the following points on your mind before you select your main name.

  • Choose a unique domain name to attract your visitors.
  • Keep your domain name short, memorable, and easy to spell.
  • Make sure your domain name reflects your brand name or relevant keywords.
  • Wix provides 45 best domain extension to get any of those which suits your business or brand
  • With Wix you can get several extensions like .com, .biz, .me, .tv, .info, .org, ​.net, .co, .expert, .co.uk, .guru, .com.br. So get the one which reflects your brand and business.

Is Wix SEO friendly ???

Yes, Wix is SEO friendly. As WordPress, Wix is also SEO friendly. In past Wix has some issues like poor URL structure, light box URL problem, no image description and many more. Because of this problem Google initially as problems scanning Wix Websites and were ranked poorly.

But now Wix has improved these problems by upgrading its Ajax code and it utilize HTML code which helps Wix powered website to get a good rank in google.

Which is an easier platform WordPress Vs Wix ??

As we all know WordPress comes with unlimited themes, plugins that can be used easily to build an outstanding Website. At someplace, we need to implement some codes too but most of them come with drag and drop features. With the help of these themes, plugins page builders we can easily create an outstanding and functional website.

Talking about the Wix, Wix is a platform where you will find 500+ tools to built a website. We don’t need to have knowledge of any code to use the tools offered by Wix. Just we need to drag and drop and a website is ready. But at a point this may create a problem and you may stuck in that tools and cant be able to crate anything new.

Both of them are easy to use, and you are the one who is going to decide what kind of website do you need.

Which is better solution and why???

Both WordPress and Wix are best. But the thing is what are you searching for? If you want to create a website that will match your feel and comes with your exception than WordPress is the best solution. But id it is okay for you to have a website with limited options than Wix is also a good option.

As you know WordPress has many thing that a website builder want to have like themes, plugins, page builders and many more but these are not available with Wix. But another point is, Wix is totally free to use and in case of WordPress you need to pay some amount to buy paid themes, plugins for advanced features and functions.


The topic WordPress Vs Wix is never ending topic. But we have tried our best to include every single thing that will help you to take a good decision. Both of them are best in their own way. And now the decision is totally yours.

I hope you liked the article, and keep on supporting us. You are free to send queries if any related to the topic.

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