How to delete post in WordPress?

Do you want to know how to delete post in WordPress? In this blog post, we are going to show you the steps to edit and delete the WordPress post.

If the post you already published on your site is not needed to be there, you can delete the post. But, if you just need to modify some part of the post, you can edit it.

How to Make Money with WordPress Blogging in 2020?

WordPress blogging is widely emerging nowadays giving a large range of opportunities. It is not strange that a mass is being attracted to it. Some start blogging to share ideas while most of them start for earning purpose. The first question that arises in mind is, how to make money with WordPress Blogging?

If you are here then you must come across the idea to earn money from blogging. First thing first it costs you to maintain the WordPress blogging site. They charge you for a domain name, plugins, themes, etc. So blogging sites are not fully free.

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