23 Top Magazine Websites Using WordPress in 2021

Top Magazine Websites Using WordPress

Do you want to know the names of top magazine websites using WordPress? If yes, then stick till the end. 

Since its first launch in 2003, WordPress has been in the limelight to this day. It’s a simple and powerful platform to build websites. You can also create an online magazine site with it. 

But before that, you may want to check out other popular magazine websites built with WordPress. 

If yes, then you’ve found the correct article! Here, we’ll be highlighting some of the best WordPress magazine site examples for you.

5 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for Magazine Websites?

WordPress started as a blogging platform. But with different releases over the years, it has become a go-to software for building any type of site, from blogs to magazines to business, to eCommerce stores, etc. It currently powers over 42% of the world’s all websites! 

On that note, let’s enlist the major reasons why WordPress is ideal for magazine websites.

  • It’s free: WordPress is free to use. Anyone can download it without spending a penny.
  • It has abundant themes: There are thousands of premium themes in different marketplaces and free magazine themes in the WordPress directory to choose from. 
  • Wide range of plugins: Plugins extend the functionality or add new features to the WordPress site. And WordPress has tons of them for every specific need.
  • Supports various media types: It has a built-in media uploader that supports any images, audio, videos, or documents. 
  • It’s safe and secure: WordPress is a safe and secure platform to run a site. Also, you can find plenty of plugins to improve the security of your website. For example, Wordfence Security, Sucuri, etc. 

23 Top WordPress Magazine Websites using WordPress

1. The Nation

TheNation Popular News Site

The Nation is America’s oldest weekly magazine that covers political, cultural news, and current affairs. It provides a deeper understanding of the world and serves as the independent voice in American journalism.

It has a minimalist and clean design that helps the users to focus on the content. Moreover, its homepage features top stories on top, followed by the latest news and recent posts by category. This website is listed on the WordPress showcase page. 

2. Variety

Variety WordPress Site

Variety is known for its expert film, TV, digital, music, and theater business analysis and insights. It’s the most authoritative and trusted source of entertainment business news.

This WordPress magazine website’s homepage has different featured sections for displaying top stories, films, latest news, videos, awards, and much more. On top of that, it has a minimalist design that looks great on any device. 

3. No Treble

No Trible

No Treble is an online magazine that’s devoted to bassists and bass enthusiasts worldwide. It’s one of the most popular niche music sites on the internet, with 450000+ monthly visitors.

This website combines a magazine-style platform with a heavy social media following. Its homepage includes bass lessons, new gears, expert columns, news, bass videos, and much more.

4. Pousta 


Pousta is a Spanish magazine about design, advertising, fashion, music, trends, and inspiration. This WordPress website creates original content to spread a permanent positive impact on new generations.

Pousta features topic-based article landing pages and social media integration. Moreover, it has a responsive layout.

5. Positively Positive

Positively Positive

Positively Positive is an online magazine that focuses on inspiration and optimism for a positive lifestyle. Its blog posts, videos, and handpicked quotations speak about wisdom and how we lift one another to richer, more fulfilling lives. 

The website’s homepage comprises featured posts displayed in a masonry grid layout. Additionally, it has a simple, elegant design that is pleasing to the eyes.

6. Reader’s Digest

Reader's Digest

Reader’s Digest is an American general-interest family magazine. As one of the world’s most recognizable media brands, it publishes hundreds of original articles and receives millions of visitors per month.  

Their website has a minimalist design that’s engaging and interactive. Also, its homepage features a sticky navigation bar on top, followed by trending stories, recent posts, and videos. 

7. China’s Qi-Life is Practice

China's Qi-Life is Practice

China’s Qi-Life is Practice is an online magazine related to lifestyle, food, and inspiration for the Chinese community. 

Their homepage includes a beautiful slider on top showcasing their featured posts. After the slider comes the recent posts based on categories in a masonry grid layout. Overall the design is sleek and clean that makes the written content stand out.

8. Freddy T. Nguyen, MD, PhD


Dr. Freddy T. Nguyen, MD, Ph.D. is a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Resident Physician in the Pathology Residency Program at Mount Sinai Hospital.  

His website’s homepage features a sticky navigation bar and a slider on top that displays recent videos and podcasts. Moreover, it showcases publications, news, and much more in a masonry grid. 

If you want to make a website like this, you can use the Engage Mag Pro theme from us. This theme comes with multiple demos and customization possibilities. 


Port News Site

PORT is a popular quarterly-style magazine with a focus on beautiful and intelligent content for men. It features essays and profiles from the world’s top individuals in fields like architecture, design, business, film, politics, etc.

This visually appealing and easy-to-navigate website has a wide variety of content, ranging from galleries to feature stories based on categories.

10. OffBeat

Off Beat News WordPress Site

OffBeat is a monthly magazine that focuses on the music, cuisine, and culture of New Orleans and Louisiana. 

Its homepage features a magazine-style template, with a background image on top, followed by recent posts based on categories. Plus, it also has a beautiful audio player integrated into the site’s design.

11. Online Khabar

Online Khabar News

Online Khabar is the number 1 news portal of Nepal. The website has made a significant impact in reaching the Nepalese community in a short period. It features political, economic, social, and entertainment-related news.

The homepage area showcases breaking news on top, followed by a grid of recent posts based on categories. On top of that, it has a minimalist design that engages the user’s on the content.

12. Himal SouthAsian

Himal South Asian

Himal SouthAsian is SouthAsia’s first and only regional magazine of politics and culture. This digital magazine publishes a wide variety of articles, reviews, essays, news, and much more.

This website’s homepage features a slider showcasing their featured posts. The slider is then followed by different sections, each displaying the latest articles and recent posts by category. Apart from that, it has beautiful typography and a sleek design.

13. Harvard Gazette Online

Harvard Gazette

The Harvard Gazette is Harvard’s official newspaper, highlighting faculty research, administrative staff, students, and events. The website gets traffic of more than 6 million page views per year. 

The website has a minimalist design, attractive collapsed navigation menu, latest articles, and recent posts by category.

14. Vogue

Vogue News Blog

Vogue is a globally recognized fashion and lifestyle magazine published monthly by Conde Nast. It’s one of the world’s most prominent fashion magazines that has played a significant impact in the development of the fashion magazine industry.

The website has a simple, elegant design that’s visually pleasing and, most importantly, makes the written content shine. Moreover, it uses a modern web app built with React and the WordPress Rest API.

15. Time


Time is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. To this day, it’s one of the leading breaking-news multimedia brands that reach over 17 million Americans each year.

Its homepage features a magazine layout with trending stories on top, followed by recent posts by categories. Additionally, it has an audio player integrated into the site’s design.

16. The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr

The Inquisitr is the ultimate platform for news, technology, sport, entertainment, and all the trending stories. It’s an internationally well-known news website that gets visitors of over 40 million each month.

Their website’s homepage includes a collapsed navigation menu, search bar, social media integration, and a grid of recent posts. The overall design is simple, clean, and engaging.

17. The White House

The White House

In the list of highest-profile websites on the Internet, the official website of The White House also falls under that radar. And it too uses WordPress since 2018! 

The website showcases all the activities of the current operations of the President in a masonry grid. Also, it contains information about the President, the Vice-President, press releases, and much more. Moreover, the design is pretty unique and eye-catching.

18. The Village Voice

The Village Voice

The Village Voice is America’s first alternative weekly newspaper that features culture, politics, and everything in New York. The website twice has been recognized as one of the nation’s premier online destinations for quality journalism and local content.

It has a logo, search bar, and a navigation menu on top. Additionally, it has a minimalist design that utilizes the most important content as the mainstay attention on every single page. 

19. Microsoft News Center

Microsoft News Center

Talking about big names, Microsoft News Center also uses WordPress on its site. It provides the finest news from the world’s most popular and trusted publishers across the Internet. 

Nearly half a billion visitors read the content monthly from all around the world. Their homepage consists of large featured images, followed by a grid of recent posts by category. Furthermore, the overall design is pretty intriguing.

20. FiveThirtyEight

Five Thirty Eight

FiveThirtyEight is an American website that’s related to opinion poll analysis, politics, economics, and sports blogging.  

The website’s homepage includes a magazine layout with featured stories on top, followed by the latest articles. On top of that, it showcases all the popular polls and has a video player integrated into the site’s design.

21. The New York Observer

The New York Observer

The New York Observer is the weekly newspaper of New York that focuses on the latest news, business, arts, and entertainment. It recently shifted from Drupal to WordPress following the site’s redesign. 

The website features a minimalist design with a beautiful image slider on top showcasing the trendy articles. And then it’s followed by recent posts by category. Moreover, it has attractive typography and color combinations.

22. TechCrunch

Tech Crunch Technology Magazine

TechCrunch is hands down the most prominent site on the Internet that uses WordPress. It’s one of the biggest technology blogs that provide technology news, opinions, and analysis on tech companies all around the globe.

Their website includes a mega menu, a trending post on top, followed by a grid of featured articles. Overall the design is plain, unique which keeps the user’s eyes on the content. Furthermore, TechCrunch is hosted on WordPress VIP.

23. HKNepal

HK Nepal

Lastly, in our list, we’ve HKNepal. It’s the first Nepali Internet Magazine in Hongkong and is related to the latest news, entertainment, literacy, sports, etc. 

This WordPress news website’s homepage features a sticky navigation menu, a slider showcasing trending news. The slider is followed by the latest posts based on category. 

Create your stunning Magazine Website with WordPress

So, after viewing all these WordPress website examples, you might want to jump straight into WordPress. And create your awesome magazine site! If that’s so, then we’ve some best magazine themes for you to get started with ease. And the best thing is you don’t have to spend a penny on that!

Also, follow how to make a website from scratch so that the journey becomes easy and instant.


And that’s a wrap! So, in this article, we’ve covered 23 top magazine websites using WordPress in 2021. We hope you liked it!

As you’ve seen, WordPress websites are ruling the internet single-handedly. And it’s not going to stop!

The number of sites using WordPress is inclining even further every single day. Hence that predicts the lone lion of building websites is going to be one and only – WordPress.

Also, check out our article on Ultimate Post Kit Review.

Still, you’ve any questions? Then leave a comment below.  

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