10 Popular Best eCommerce platforms for 2020(Compared)

Best eCommerce Platforms

Are you searching for the best eCommerce platforms for your online store? Today we are here with the 10 best online store platforms.

We can totally understand how hard it is for you to choose the best platform for your eCommerce store. As your site is totally dependent on the decision of choosing the best eCommerce platform.

Today we have 100 options and all of them are good in their own way. And as we know multiple options come with multiple confusion. And if you are one of them and in search of the best platform for your online store.

In this content, today we are here with the 10 best platform for eCommerce along with their advantage.

Before we go through the list let me tell you the things that we need to consider before selecting the best eCommerce platform.

Things to be considered, while choosing the best eCommerce platform


The very first factor that we need to consider before choosing an eCommerce platform is integrations and plugins. Integration is the thing that will help you to enhance the performance of any website. So we should select a platform that comes with multiple integrations. Some of them are WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Shopify, and many more.

SEO Friendly

The most important factor and the very first step for the success of any online business are SEO Friendly. SEO stands for “Search engine optimization” This is going to help you to increase your website easily and helps us to make a perfect website.


We think most of you are familiar with the word Responsive. And also know 70% of searches are done through mobile phones. So every platform most is mobile friendly that is responsive.

Customer Service

Service by the company is also an important factor that we need to consider. Customer service plays an important role in the success of our website.


The most important factor is security. If your site and business are not secure trust me no one is going to be a part of your business. Not even you yourself can trust and get success by your website. A safe and secure website is always appreciated.

Top Best eCommerce platforms for your online store

1. WooCommerce 

Best eCommerce platform

We are going to start with one of the best free eCommerce platform and that is “WooCommerce”. It is the most known platform for eCommerce in WordPress for an online store. Are you searching for the option then your search is over here because WooCommerce is here just for you.

It comes with many free as well as paid extensions, which are going to help you in every single way to enhance the performance for an eCommerce website. Paypal, BACS, and cash on delivery are the different ways that you can use for payment using WooCommerce. And if you want more options just need to install addons to your eCommerce store.


  • CBD Store Essentials
  • Comes with Most Popular and Essential eCommerce extensions like WooCommerce Tax, stripe, Jetpack, official Facebook.
  • Provide shipping solutions
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Worldwide support team
  • Provides a safe and secure online payment
  • comes with many extension and themes
  • Bear both digital and physical goods and so on.

2. Shopify

Another best online store platform on our list is Shopify. Trust us you are going to love the platform. Shopify is an eCommerce platform that comes with every feature that every user wants to have for their website.

Shopify is the safe and secure online platform that comes with a complete bundle of advantages. We can easily create different pages with an inbuilt online editor. And can also sell in multiple paces along with local language support.


  • Both digital and physical products are supported
  • You don’t need to have design skills.
  • Complete control overlooks and feels of our website.
  • Secure and trusted eCommerce platform.
  • Free as well as paid themes from the Shopify theme store.
  • Well Documented
  •   24/7 support team.

3. WP eCommerce

Best eCommerce platform

A WordPress plugin is that contains everything we need to sell and buy online. WP eCommerce helps you to convert your visitors to customers with its beautiful features and outstanding security.

Talking about the ability of WPCommerce, it is one of the most relied upon open-source solutions for their customer around the world. It is one of the original eCommerce plugins for WordPress. The best part of the platform is, that it places massive value on empowering and encouraging our developer community. and trust me this is one of the best eCommerce platform for your store.


  • Provides Secure transaction
  • WpCommerce is integrated into a system like Google Base, Google Analytics. It helps in automated marketing.
  • It allows us to sell everything that we imagine for.
  • You are going to include a coupon, that is going to attract your customer and reward loyal clients.
  • Support our staff
  • Well Documented
  • Safe, Secure, and best eCommerce Platform

4. Cart66 Cloud

cart66 Best eCommerce Platforms

The newest edition of the cart66 eCommerce plugin is Cart66 Cloud. It is the advanced version of Cart66 and has been easier, safer, and faster than the old version. Cart66 Cloud is simple but best for all type of online eCommerce store.

You are going to get shipping options to sell your actual products. And if you are worried because you are new to the field then just don’t worry. You just need to follow 3 simple steps that can be handle easily.


  • 40+ payments gateways are supported
  • 5000+ subscription support
  • Contain the Subscription membership management page.
  • Safe and secure platform for eCommerce
  • Secure connected Service
  • Provide Email Marketing
  • Well documented, 24*7 customer support.

5. Easy Digital Download

Best eCommerce platform

A famous solution for an online store is Easy Digital Download. One of the popular best eCommerce platform for the WP website that was only generated to help the online website owners to sell their digital products like eBooks, documents, music, graphics design, etc.

You can download the plugin freely and use it easily. Easily digital downloads come with high-quality WordPress solutions and can be made more functional by adding many free and premium add-ons. The plugin is designed to work with any WordPress theme.


  • Are you a first-timer??? No issues, the easy digital download is eBay to use for you too..
  • You are going to find 100 extensions for every single thing on your website.
  • Easily Works with WordPress themes but will also get a special theme for the plugin.
  • Comes With great support along with forums, videos, tutorials, and IRC chatrooms..
  • A light Weight WordPress eCommerce platform with multiple features.
  • well Documented 24*7 customer service.

6. BigCommerce

Software as a service(saas), I think most of you are familiar with it. But if you are the one who is unknown to the term. Let me tell you “SAAS” products are such products in which you don’t own the software but pay monthly to use it. And Big Commerce is a SaaS product.

It is a paid-for, hosted eCommerce solution that is going to work Awesome for you and to start an online store. Big Commerce includes fantastic, customizable templates that are going to help you to design your store in an outstanding way.. The plugin can be used to sell every kind of product like physical as well as digital.


  • Helps us to run our website. And make it easy by keeping our eCommerce engine separate from other content.
  • Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon. These platforms can be used to sell products.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Comes with a wide range of shipping options.
  • 80+ predesigned responsive template is available
  • Fully customizable eCommerce plugin
  • Offers awesome scalability, enterprise-grade security, and high performance.

7. Magento

Magento eCommerce Platforms

Another open-source eCommerce platform on the list is Magento eCommerce. Any of us can extend it for our own purpose without being on the hook for licensing fees.

It is the best eCommerce platform and makes awesome eCommerce websites.


  • Comes with a wide range of payment gateways and shipping tools.
  • Has a beautiful dashboard
  • Functions are extendable 
  • The perfect combination of easy migration options,  extensive functionality, and professional support packages.
  • 24*7 support team.
  • Well documented

8. OptinMonster

One of the most popular conversion optimization and lead generation software is OptinMonster. But we think you should be more familiar with the sentence. So, the conversion is something that every developer wants their visitor to do. Something like sign up the email list or complete the purchase instead of abandoning their shopping cart and optimization is making anything effective as possible.

So we think, you got the reason for using OptinMonster as a platform for online store. It is one of the best and effective solutions for our site and site visitors. OptinMonster comes with outstanding tools for eCommerce stores, publishers agencies, and B2B. 


  • It comes with a lot of awesome and professionally designed templates
  • An outstanding support team
  • Helps to create custom browser cookies based on our customer’s demographics data, then show highly target campaigns to drive conversion.
  • Follow the visitors using triggered campaigns
  • Allow special offer targeting repeat visitors based on their previous interaction on our site using onsite retargeting.
  • Well documented 
  • Fantastic support team.

9. WP Product Review

Best eCommerce platform

It is the best WordPress plugin for a product review in the market. Selling products is important but reviewing has also the same importance. To review your product WP Product Review is here with us. Adding review to a product get easy with WP product Review and we have the choice to manage, display the review on our website.

 We just need to select the review option when writing a blog post, and the WP product review will show us all settings that we need to write on our review. We can easily breakdown the review into features, also can add images and many more.


  • One of the best eCommerce platform for online review
  • we can easily save our time by importing features from reviews we have already built
  • 2+ review layouts, that will let us choose the layout that appeals to our visitors.
  • Users are free to rate the different product while posting comments
  • Table from the existing review are automatically generated.
  • Comes with sidebar widgets where we can showcase our review
  • All reviews use schema.org rich snippet formate for maximum SEO benefit.

10. Cart Recovery  for WordPress

The best eCommerce platform that works smoothly with WooCommerce, WP Commerce, Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content pro is Cart Recovery for WordPress. The plugin helps to capture customers’ names, and email addresses as soon as they are entered during checkout.

In very simple language, we can easily use the plugin to track abandoned carts, also view stats in our WordPress dashboard, and configure automatic recovery email sending. This is one of the most important parts of eCommerce


  • Keep records of customer’s names, email address when they entered during checkout.
  • Comes with pro features(“Save to cart”)
  • Automatically trigger abandoned cart email campaigns
  • well Documented
  • 24*7 customer support
  • Best WordPress Ecommerce platform 
  • Comes with multiple templates


Here in this content, we have collected the best 10 eCommerce platform for your online business. We have mentioned the features too.

Now you are the one who is going to select the one according to your choice. But if you are going to select a platform that is not included in the list. Please check out the factor that you need to consider before selecting the theme.

Thank you for visiting you. We hope you liked the content and keep visiting us for more such interesting content. Have a good day!

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