7 easy ways to make the website SEO Friendly

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SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is the techniques and tactics taken to rank the website in the top lists of search engine and that is called to make website SEO friendly. Every blogger or website owner wants high user flow on its website. The odds increase when your website pop in the top list of search engine.

There are a few small but tricky things to be taken care of to make the website SEO friendly. To make website SEO friendly means to make an easy path for the search engine to find your website after a user made any search for similar content in that engine.

The key is to maintain certain standards that we are going to talk about in this content. If your website is not SEO optimized, then search engines cannot reach or rank your website.

Let us begin with some simple but important steps that you need to follow to make your website SEO friendly in order to increase traffic and rank in the top list.

Steps to follow to make the website SEO friendly.

Though to make SEO friendly contains a lot of technicalities, you need not worry about that. Just follow these steps to make your website SEO friendly. Let us start,

1. GO for best WordPress SEO plugins

make the website SEO

WordPress offers various plugins to make the website SEO friendly. These plugins help to maintain SEO on the website. They are helping a lot with our website too.

There are many paid and free plugins available in the store. Though the free version helps to maintain the initial SEO level, we recommend paid versions. As free versions lack many major features.

Some of the most recommended plugins to make website SEO friendly are rank math, Yoast SEO, etc. Have a closer look at such SEO plugins. You can use any of them according to your need to boost your website.

2. Add the website to Google search console

make the website SEO

Google is the largest and most used search engine. As the word “search” is almost replaced by Google. As we have heard the phrase “let’s google”. So we must prioritize Google for SEO. As being on google top list will help a lot to make website SEO friendly.

Google search console is a set of tools to help the website owner to know how Google sees and rank their content. It provides knowledge about how the owner’s content performs whenever searched in the engine. \

It is very important to check the performance of content from time to time to know where your website stands. If it stands well, your website is well optimized and enhances user traffic.

3. WWW and non-WWW URLs structures

make the website SEO

Our website URL may contain the WWW structure or without it. Apparently there is no difference between them. Though we need to stick to one to make website SEO friendly.

While starting a website we need to make up our mind what we want to use in our URL structure. Because altering or changing URL structure demote the SEO of the website.

We can set the URL setting in settings and general of the admin dashboard. So make it constant.

4. Search Engine Visibility

make the website SEO

Search Engine Visibility is an Internet-based SEO and submission tool that guides users to optimize their website. It is one of the important factors for concern to make the website SEO friendly.

It is recommended to disable search engine visibility in the initial phase. But after stability, it is good to enable search engine visibility. It really boosts up the rank. WordPress core has search engine visibility available under settings.

It can be easily managed from the admin panel, setting and reading. As search engine visibility increase SEO. It is helpful to let it enabled in a well-settled website to increase traffic flow.

5. SEO friendly URL structure

make the website SEO

SEO friendly URL structure can be placed as the most important factor to make SEO friendly. WordPress consists of inbuilt six types of permalinks. We need to choose the best of them that is more inclined toward SEO friendly.

The most suitable URL structure is one containing exact or clear details about the topic and content. This makes easy for search engine and human to find the content. It helps to make the website SEO friendly. WordPress has plugins for modifying permalinks, those are WordPress Permalinks

The most required permalink is one containing Post Name. We can configure search engine friendly URLs by selecting the Post Name Permalink types in common settings, then Permalink.

6. Sitemaps on the Website

make the website SEO

A sitemap is the list of pages on the website. It helps users as well as a search engine to find content on the page. Including a sitemap on the website helps a lot to make a website SEO friendly.

Our pages will be included in the search index much faster after including sitemaps. The site crawler is to be installed for human users and XML and HTML for search engines. Thanks to WordPress we can get plugins from the store for sitemaps.

Most of the users don’t know the exact URL of the content. Most of their knowledge limits to the page name. So users and the search engines will get an easy path to reach the content. The easy path is directly linked with the optimized site. So including a site map is a smart move.

7. Making website responsive

make the website SEO

Websites must react quickly and with concord as possible to make website SEO friendly. A faster website is liked by everyone. And also the search engines can easily get through.

WordPress offers many responsive plugins and we just need to choose wisely from the provided options for better results. We can easily make the website responsive with the help of WordPress themes. Google, Bing, Ask, etc advice to use responsive design for a good online experience and better website indexing.

In this age of smartphones, the website must be responsive to all types of mobile devices. It will ultimately profit to SEO and user traffic. Combined saying the website must be fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and possible all device friendly to make website SEO friendly.

Some other tips to be taken care of

  • Optimization of blogs
  • Proper Wordplay inside the content
  • Use of Optimized images
  • Integrate social media
  • Avoid external links and use internal links as much as possible
  • Routine security check


I hope you got what you came for. The above-given tips are very recommended and are followed by almost every website owner. Similarly, you must follow then and see the magical effect of enhancing your website. Increased visitors will be the best proof.

Moreover, if you still have any dilemma about the tips or SEO, feel comfortable to ask. We will get back to you with answers asap. If you are new to blogging world we can assist you to create a new blog [start a WordPress blog website] Please visit us for similar queries, we are always glad to help. Keep your love and support. thankyou.

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