How to Make Money with WordPress Blogging in 2020?

Make Money with WordPress Blogging

WordPress blogging is widely emerging nowadays giving a large range of opportunities. It is not strange that a mass is being attracted to it. Some start blogging to share ideas while most of them start for earning purpose. The first question that arises in mind is, how to make money with WordPress Blogging?

If you are here then you must come across the idea to earn money from blogging. First thing first it costs you to maintain the WordPress blogging site. They charge you for a domain name, plugins, themes, etc. So blogging sites are not fully free.

There are many sites that claim to help you start earning instantly with WordPress blogging. Believe me, they all are scams and frauds. There are no fast ways to make money in a short time with WordPress blogging. It is a time taking and hard work consuming task. The goal to achieve is to be a reputed and famous name in the market. It may take lots of skill and time.

We can search for some big names in the market that earns six figures income by blogging. They are inspirations for newcomers. Here we are going to learn some ideas to earn from blogging. Let’s begin with some of the trusted tips.

You can start a WordPress blog and start making money with blogging.

1. Freelancing

make money with WordPress

Freelance blogging is one of the best ways to make money with WordPress. blogging. It requires broad knowledge about the topics and a strong way to present it in a blog. In this age of the internet, we can gather information on almost any theoretical topics.

The major concern is presentation or writing skill. People get attracted to good and influencing blogs.

We may not get money for the very beginning we start. First, we can do some sample work and post it for reviews. Our capacity is shown in this way. Getting more projects is difficult in the beginning. Though self-belief should be sustained. The most important thing is hard work and dedication to success.

Further, we can start charging when clients approach us. They will provide us topics and we need to blog on those topics. As a beginner, we can charge about $10 per blog. The charges must not be high or very low making clients underestimate our skills.

After being well settled we can make good money with WordPress blogging. We can sell our ability at a good price.

2.Pay Per Click (PPC, Google AdSense)


PPC, the best way to make money with WordPress blogging. Have you ever thought about the growth of Google or Facebook? They made their place in the top 10 richest in no time. We can say they did it in flash speed. Most of their fortune is from AdSense.

We have experienced various advertisements that pop up while using the internet, those are due to AdSense. There are several products and brands that want to reach more and more people. Then comes the AdSense companies that provide the platform.

We have to apply for AdSense in such a company by simply filling up a form. Then they will provide us with code and adds to our posts. After that, we are good to go and start earning. Google AdSense is a popular example of it.

Whenever a user visits our post, they will see advertisement pop-ups. If our blog gets lucky, adds will be clicked. They will pay us as per the number of views on those adds by our users.

3. Affiliate Marketing

make money with WordPress

When we recommend any product and get a commission after sales, that is affiliate marketing. It is a well-known and popular business idea for online bloggers and online workers. Being one of the best ways to make money with WordPress blogging, every blogger must have knowledge about it.

For this, we have to make a kind of deal with interested companies and add links to their products to our blogs. If users are interested in such products, they will click on the links to buy it. On every sale by our link, we will get commission and make money.

For better results, we can market products associating with our blog content or interest users. There are several companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, and other small scale emerging companies having affiliate marketing programs.

If we are interested, there are plugins to assist us like AffiliateWP, Prettylinks and many more. If you want to know about more such programs then click here. They help you to insert links in our posts easily and create attractive links. You can start anytime now and start making money.

4. Sell Advertisements directly


Similarly, like Google Adsense, we can create our own advertisement space in our blogs. Making our own space provides us better opportunities to make money with WordPress blogging.

Making money always worth hard works. We must have a reputed name in the market before starting it. To convince the customer is a tough job. The better side is we can approach the local market for customers. The most efficient way of making money pay per clicks (PPC) or pay per thousand clicks (PPM). There is no issue of mediator or broker in between, direct profit can be made.

If we are interested, WordPress has different plugins to assist us (Here). We can use them to create Add space and manage them. Contrasting to AdSense maintaining own Add space takes more hard works. We have to deal and negotiate with advertisers by ourselves, make policies, and maintain rates. Also, we have to entrust advertisers to invest using attracting performance. But at last hard works gets paid.

5. Sponsored Blogs and Reviews


Did the advertisement bore you? Are you not interested to advertise? Paid blogging is the best way to make money with WordPress blogging. It is a good way to earn a fortune from your blogging skills.

Sponsored blogging is when we get paid on writing about something. There are a number of Products and companies seeking to spread their name in the market. We can approach them to write blogs and reviews on them by charging for that accordingly.

There does not require specific plugins for blogging. We can show our creativity and write. Generally, charges are taken per blog. For luring customers we can put details of following in our details: Social profile, social media following, charges, audience demographics, etc. IT will attract more and more customers.

6. Start Paid membership

make money with WordPress

A paid membership is again a good source to make money with WordPress blogging. If we are providing trending and frequently asked topics, people will easily get attracted. And exclusive and mandatory contents are very helpful. Because of the necessity, users are ready to pay little amount and aids in making money.

But if our blog is only paying, users will not get attracted and try to escape. So we need to provide general but interesting information in free blogs. And ask them to be a paid member for exclusive content. For this, we need to use plugins and create a paid member portals[Here]. The Study, web development, health, and innovation sites do well in this category.

User reviews and questions part in blogs will help to engage users and find new content. We have to be up to date for maintaining this type of website. More member helps us make us money. So think if you are good enough to interest users, if not work to be good enough to make fortune from paid membership.

7. Becoming a Public Influencer Powered by Blogging

make money with WordPress

Public Influencer is those who give speeches to the mass of people. Due to their popularity in public, they can motivate the mass. Being a well-known figure in the market we can charge to speak in front of the public on other’s behalf. Making money with WordPress blogging is also possible as a social influencer.

If we are successful enough to join a decent number of users with us. They follow us, our post or inspired by us, we can make a good amount of money. Simply our website must show an attractive number of users and views.

Have you ever imagined why famous and attractive personalities appear in Advertisement!! Because they can gain people’s attention and direct their thought. This approach is similar to it.

If an appealing number of users follow our blogs or simply speaking are our fans. Several companies that want to expand their name, brand, products, thought, etc will approach us to speak and pay us a good amount.

8. Brand Merchandise

make money with WordPress

Designing and selling Brand Merchandise is mostly popular among many YouTubers. These are normal daily use goods having our brand logo or brand story on them.

Many users are fascinated by such products and interested to buy them. We can easily make money with WordPress blogging inventing this idea.

We can design products revealing our brand and blog content, put their links on our posts. Simply with the help of different WordPress Plugins, we can manage orders, payments, and other details.

9. Sell Blog

If we cannot give time to our blog and develop them, we can make money with the WordPress blog by selling it. There are many people who want to start blogging and want a pre-established blog. Such people are boon to the blog sellers.

The amount can be negotiated considering blog type, user demographics, and design. So getting rid of the blog site also end up bringing some money.

Wrapping it up

The above list contains the most famous tips to make money with WordPress blogging. Some are direct like first to sixth and others are indirect ways. I hope you have broadened your knowledge of your query. No matter what, the key to success is hard work and dedication. Every topic is directly related to the number of users we have. An increase in number is only possible with unique, original and quality content.

Instant fortune is not possible in the online market. You need to pursue your good work and believe in yourself. Please keep visiting and support us for such ideas. Thank you for being with us.

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