10+ Best and Effective Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic in WordPress for free

Increase Your Website Traffic in WordPress for free

Creating a website is not that tough. We have thousands of tools and platforms to create an outstanding website. The main thing we need to focus on is traffic. Today this content will help us to know how to increase your website traffic for free.

Before knowing the ways to increase traffic on the website we must know what is traffic. I am pretty sure that we all the readers have an idea of the website. The word traffic is enough to reflect its importance in the sentence.

There is no value of gold if people stop admiring it. The day when we stop buying the gold “The same day the value of gold will decrease”. Similarly, when we have no traffic on our website there will be no value of what hard work we did to create it.

Every Website developer wants to increase traffic on their website. Here are some tips and ideas which will definitely help us to increase traffic on our website. Especially for those who use WordPress as the platform

Before knowing the tips and ideas of getting traffic on our Website. Let’s know why do we need traffic ????

  1. Any website is for others. No traffic no value of your development.
  2. The traffic is the most important factor to make your website well known
  3. Traffic is the way to make our profile powerful
  4. As the traffic increases the interest to make it more will encourage you
  5. And the main is ” The traffic is only the way, that will explain the quality of our website”

Tips and idea to increase your website traffic on WordPress

Here, we are going to have the idea and tips that we need to follow to increase the traffic on our website.

Not taking more time lets to get started:

1. Focus on the content

The quality of quantity is always admired. Actually we need to focus on the note we want to explain to the public. The way of expressing our idea really does matter. And also the way we present ourselves to the market must be unique and must contain quality.

2. Regularity

It is said that we can’t impress someone by rose but can be impressed by regularity. I mean to say when you post quality content in a regular manner. The public will definitely get impressed. so, To increase traffic on the website the regularity does matter.

3. SEO friendly

Search engine optimization is the full form of “SEO”. when content automatically a quality content if it is SEO Friendly and as I said before to increase the traffic on the website we first need is the quality content.

4. Focus On the Readability

The word Readability is enough to explain its meaning. our content most are readable and are attractive which will make the reader more satisfied.

5. Use Social Media as a weapon

Today social media is the best way to increase traffic on the website. Not only the website with the help of social we can get many advantages. The content can be shared in social media so that more public can get the chance to review it.

Increase Your Website Traffic in WordPress

6. Use Attracting and Engaging Headlines

The first thing the user sees after a search is the heading of the content. Heading lures the user initially towards the post.

An appealing content heading is unique and eye-catching gets more views and increases the traffic on the website. On the other hand, plain and simple heading decreases clicks on the post.

Headlines are very important for good user flow on a website. We must learn to give attracting titles that can trigger surprise, curiosity and excitement element of the user.

This fact has been known by professionals from a while back. They have researched and gave various tips for beginners making it easier.

7. Use of Charming, Fascinating, and Informative Photos/Pictures

Pictures and Photos are a strong contender to be on this list. Being human, our nature is to be influenced by visual information easily. Our brain is natured to route us towards the images. Because it is easy to comprehend and learn with the help of pictures.

As a result, colorful and informative images snatch user attention to our posts and later draw users to our posts ultimately results in an increase in traffic on our website.

Increase Your Website Traffic in WordPress

Appealing pictures play a vital role to establish our website. We can create our unique picture or can use it from those already present on the internet. We must use royalty-free pictures from various free websites. As there are issues of copyright on the images.

8. Entertain User Generated Content

User-Generated Contents are the content that arose by the user’s activities. Those activities can be seen in the user’s comment, reviews, posts and many more.

If we manage to build some loyal users on our website, they may help us to know about trending issues by their posts and comments. We can review them and can create blogs or posts on the latest topics.

As our website contains the latest searched or asked posts, automatically users are lured to our website and traffic flow will increase gradually as a result. Hence we must try to entertain user’s activities to take the hold of regulars as well to add new users.

9. Internal Linking

Likewise, pictures of internal linking also play a key role to increase traffic on our website. Internal linking means to bridge our new posts with older blogs.

We use different technical terms in our content that may not be transparent to everyone. Some of such words may have been explained in older posts. Internal linking diverts users to previous posts and pages results in spending more time on our website.

We must learn attractive ways for internal linking to enhance standards of website and users.

10. Pile Up Proofs and Promote

We are social animals hence we are highly influenced by “What others say?” If the user recommends our website to others, we will be promoted. For this, we need stacks of proof of our uniqueness and betterness. We can get proof by users and professional reviews and ratings, social media promotion, user visit counter, etc.

Many users will be influenced by these factors and will be eager to visit us. Our catchy content will do the rest making them stick to our page. In this way, the positive promotion will aids in increasing traffic to our website.

11. Participating on Social Platforms by Our Page Name

There are many activities like debates, ideology forums, online workshops happening on the internet. They give us chances to promote our brand name, our expertise. Online forums are golden opportunities to take our brand to people.

We must keep track of similar chances. Always step forward to put our comments and participation in such activities. Thanks to the professional we got readymade platforms to do so.

12. Be Updated and Speedy

The Era we are living is super fast, everyone and everything is speeding themselves. So slow loading and monotonous websites do not entertain the users. They do not like to visit frequently on such platforms.

If we wish for good traffic flow on our website, we must be updated and fast enough to compete. There are different plugins and themes readymade available to use on our website to gain speed and be updated.

If our loading speed is better than other similar sites then our website is preferred. User likes to visit and go through our sites. Likewise users like new, updated, and interesting content and posts. Maintaining our page up to date is similarly crucial.

13. Add videos

Similarly, like pictures videos play an influential role in enhancing the traffic flow on the website. Videos trigger the visual emotion of users and attract users. Visual information always grabs attention and makes the user spend time on it.

We can provide better information and entertainment with the help of videos. Written information followed by videos upgrades the standards of websites.


For the development and growth of our page traffic flow is really important. No matter what topic we take, the final goal is promotion and quality. Here we have listed some helpful tips to increase traffic flow on the website. I hope it broadens your knowledge and helps to make your website successful.

This is the internet world, nothing stops developing on the internet. We can also learn from big names on the internet. Big names inspire us a lot and their ideas are worth learning. Please keep visiting for similar posts as we always try to give you the latest updates and information.

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