10 Best Premium Elementor Addons for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

premium elementor addons

Addons are programs that are used in WordPress to extends its function and help to modify and create the website easily. With the development of addons and plugins, web page designing and building in WordPress has become very easy.

We can develop websites for a number of topics like blogging, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, online stores, brand endorsement, promotion, information, news, travels, photography, and many more.

In today’s blog, we are going to talk about the best premium elementor addons for bloggers and affiliate marketers. There are numerous free as well as premium elementor addons for WordPress. Free elementor add-ons are good for learning purposes and for beginners. But in the end, we have to upgrade to premium addons for professional tasks.

You can easily start a WordPress blog with the help of Elementor. Well, let’s start the list,

Master Addons For Elementor

Premium Elementor Addons

Master Addons, the best premium elementor addons is the set of stunningly designed Elementor Addons. It helps to make our website aesthetically appealing and more creative. It contains a wide range of elements that can transform our lame looking website into an 8interesting, attracting and reader-friendly website.

Master addons have inbuilt widgets that uplift our webpage. Those widgets are easy to enable and disable. We can enable widgets as required and give a nice touch to our website. For the proper function of widgets, we have to install the Elementor Page builder plugin.


  • Animated Headlines
  • Advanced Nested Accordion
  • Advanced Multicolor Accordion
  • Nested Tabs
  • Creative Buttons
  • Creative Links
  • Team Members(Content Drawers, Animation Background)
  • Flipbox
  • News Ticker
  • Image Hover Effects
  • Animated Gradient Background
  • Image Hotspots
  • $19 yearly for a single website, $39 yearly for the business package and $129 yearly for a developer version

Essential Addons for Elementors

Premium Elementor Addons

Essential is a premium elementor addon. It consists of more than 65 elements and extension powering our website to be more designer and beautiful. It is powered by 100+ inbuilt blocks making or website unique and attractive.

It is fully customizable, lightweight and instant loading. It has an excellent support system, ready to help through live chat or direct contact.


  • Post Block to display blog post with a variety of style
  • Lightbox and Modal to create Modal Popup
  • Testimonial Slider to highlight customer praise
  • Image comparison
  • Interactive Promo
  • Instagram Gallery and Feed
  • Advanced Google Map
  • Static Product
  • Flip Carousel
  • Interactive Cards
  • Content Timeline
  • Data Table
  • Twitter Feed Carousel
  • Dynamic Filterable Gallery
  • Smart Post List
  • Mailchimp
  • Protected content
  • Advanced Menu
  • $29.97 yearly for a single website, $59.97 yearly for unlimited version and $199.97 yearly for a super bundle package

Happy Addons

Premium Elementor Addons

Happy Elementor Addon is one of the ultimate premium elementor addons in the market. It helps to take our website to the next level. It is 5 stars rated and mobile responsive plugin. we don’t require coding knowledge to use this plugin. It is termed as one of the most sophisticated and trendy plugins and is trusted by many users in a very short period of time.

Happy addons have introduced an incredible feature called Happy effects having great animation properties. It makes our websites more catchy.


  • Unique pricing table
  • Customizable flip box
  • Advanced Heading
  • Animated text
  • Scrolling Image
  • Image Hover Box
  • Team carousel to introduce team members
  • Timeline to view the story of the website
  • Advanced Tab and Advanced Accordion
  • Testimonial Carousel for customer recommendation
  • Logo Carousel for a beautiful logo
  • Advanced Toggle
  • List Group
  • Feature List
  • $39 yearly for single site,$89 yearly for5 sites, and $189 yearly business pack for 1000 sites

Powerpack Addons

Premium Elementor Addons

Powerpack premium elementor addon is the set of more than 60 elementor widgets and an emerging elementor addon. The contained widgets are creativity and speed.

It is fast, optimized and easy to use. we can launch our website within a minute using a powerpack. Powerpack is a stylish and advanced displaying feature.


  • Countdown Timer
  • Popup Box to show custom option
  • Page Navigation
  • Image gallery to create an awesome gallery
  • Off-canvas Content to create an impressive menu and popups
  • Showcase Widget to create a beautiful showcase
  • Card Slider to display nice announcements and posts
  • Advanced menu
  • Tile Post to create beautiful tile style layouts
  • Content Toggle
  • Table
  • Timeline
  • Magazine Slider to create a slider of post
  • Video and Video gallery to create and embed video
  • Devices to create stunning mockups to show our work
  • Fancy Heading and Review Box
  • Woo-Commerce Elementors
  • $59 yearly for unlimited sites and $199 for lifetime

Ultimate Addons For Elementor

Premium Elementor Addons

Ultimate Addon is a 5star rated premium elementor addon. It is a unique elementor widget that adds more flexibility and functionality to our website. Ultimate addons will support us to create our website even faster and beautifully.

Using Ultimate addons website building is funnier and easier. It enhances the existing elementor with a new collection of creative and unique widgets. It is lightweight and fast with high coding standards.


  • Modal Popup
  • Dual Colour Heading
  • Before After Slider
  • Advanced Heading
  • Multi Buttons
  • Fancy Heading
  • Content Toggle
  • Contact Form7 and Gravity Form Styler
  • Google Map and Image Gallery
  • Price List and Price Box
  • Table
  • Video and Video gallery
  • Woo- Commerce Widget
  • Marketing Buttons
  • WP Forms styler
  • User Registration Form
  • $69 yearly for ultimate addons, $169 yearly for mini Agency Bundle and$249 per year for Agency bundle

The Plus Addons

Premium Elementor Addons

The Plus add-on claims to be designed by experienced designers and developers. It is one of the best premium elementor addons that satisfy all our needs to create a website. It is fully responsive with a lot of options.

It makes our designing larger than life, unique and advanced. It is trusted by a lot of developers and users and recommended by them.


  • Testimonial Style 1 & 2
  • Testimonial Center Mode
  • Testimonials Messy Columns
  • Client Center Mode
  • Client Lazy Load
  • Client Carousel
  • Client CSS Filters
  • Client Messy Columns
  • Client Pagination
  • Video
  • Before After Slider
  • Image Cascading
  • Dynamic Devices
  • Switcher
  • Row Background
  • Parallax Background
  • Segment Background
  • Canvas Background
  • Gallery background
  • Blog Metro
  • Blog Carousel
  • Blog Filter
  • Blog Messy Columns
  • Blog Stagger Loads
  • Blog Lazy Load
  • $39 per year for a single website, $79 yearly for 3 websites and $99 per year for unlimited websites

AnyWhere Elementor

Premium Elementor Addons

AnyWhere Elementor is a premium elementor addon is a unique type of plugin that allows us to install elementor pages, library templates and global templates anywhere using shortcodes.

We have complete control over our components. It is a very versatile and flexible plugin to design our web page. We can use it to add beauty to our web page.


  • Global Post Layouts
  • Post Archive Templates
  • Category, Tag templates
  • WooCommerce Product and category layouts
  • Global Layouts for Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
  • Support For Custom Feilds
  • Design 404 Pages
  • Design Search Page layouts
  • Pricing $25 per year for personal $45 per year for business, $99 for unlimited and $250 for lifetime

Element Pack

The Premium elementor addon Element pack is the combination of all essential widgets to build and manage website pages. It uses high standard coding to make it a sophisticated plugin. But to use it coding knowledge is not required. 24*7 professional support adds beauty to this plugin.


  • Carousel
  • FAQ section to help the user
  • News Ticker to show news
  • Post Slider
  • Post Card
  • Post Grid
  • Post Grid Tab
  • Post Gallery
  • Post List
  • Post Block
  • Post Block Modern
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Testimonial Grid
  • Table of Content
  • Testimonial Slider
  • Accordion
  • Advanced Image Gallery
  • Pricing List and Table
  • Document Viewer
  • $24 per year for a personal package, $59 per year business package and $129 yearly for developers package

Croco Block

Premium Elementor Addons

The premium elementor addon Crocoblock is an ultimate toolkit for building websites. It provides a modern set of tools that allows building websites faster, smarter, and easier.

It consists of 17 jet plugins, 47 Templates, 150 widgets, and 64 popups. we don’t require coding skills to operate this plugin. we can customize our webpage in detail according to our requirements.


  • Best coding standard
  • language support
  • Third-party plugin support
  • Product pages and listings
  • Booking Forms and Notification
  • Remove filters
  • Listing Grid
  • Pagination
  • Dynamic Image
  • Dynamic Repeater, Meta, Terms
  • Checkbox Filters
  • Date Range
  • Ajax Filter
  • $49 yearly for design version, $69 per year for Multi-Tool version and E-Commerce costs $69 per year.

Premium Addon

Premium Elementor Addons

The premium add-on is the collection of highly modifiable widgets that helps us to create an awesome and eye-catching website in no time. It helps our website to jump to the next level. It contains 50+ widgets and add-ons. It is fully modular and allows enable or disable the option to prevent overloading. It provides a blazing fast experience.


  • Content Widgets
  • Image Widgets
  • Section Addons
  • Off-Grid
  • Review and testimonial
  • Blurbs and CTA
  • Social feed
  • Table, Charts and Anything data
  • Contact
  • Fancy Text
  • Heading and dual heading
  • Video Box
  • Counter and Divider
  • Support and Documentation
  • $39/year for single-site, 79/year for unlimited version, and $199/year for lifetime


Above all the listed plugins are between 5star and 3.5 stars rated. That is to say, recommended by most of the users. we can go through the details and select the proper for us.

we can use these plugins to beautify our webpage and take our work to the next level. I hope this blog broadens your knowledge. please visit the page for these kinds of information and let us help you to develop your website.

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